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John Welsh

a ton of research. I went through a month of internet searches, checking out breeder

websites and finally found one worth checking out. they were greate n i am vary happy with my pup

Dear VyacheslavFrench Bulldog Puppy, it has been a wonderful 8 days getting to know this little girl. The first day here she learned to sit and wear a halter to go outside. I didn’t want to use a collar that might choke her she is so full of energy!

Black Bulldog Puppy

When she was laying under your chair and you were feeding her water, I could see the close bond you both had. I think she will become attached to me and my son in time. She likes to lay by my sons side when he plays his games on the TV and she loves our cat. The first one to greet her was the cat. She ran up and rubbed against Larisa and they are good friends.